Nonactin is a macrotetrolide antibiotic that has been isolated from a number of Streptomyces species. It has found widespread use as a receptor in ammonia sensitive electrodes and in biomedical research.

Nonactin is produced as one component of a mixture of closely related homologues, collectively known as the macrotetrolides. Our proprietary Streptomyces production strain and purification methods allow us to offer exceptionally pure nonactin at low cost. As of late 2007, further improvements to our nonactin production capabilities have allowed us to consolidate our offerings to just one grade of nonactin - Nonactin Select - a unique combination of purity and price.

PBP-NS Nonactin, Select

An ultrapure grade of nonactin suitable for use in ammonia sensitive electrodes and biomedical research.

99+% minimum macrotetrolide content

95+% minimum nonactin content (balance being primarily monactin) as determined by 1H-NMR

Corrected melting point > 147 oC

Appearance : white needles, colorless solution at 10 mg/mL in ethanol

PBP-NS-00100 50 mg $ 224.43
PBP-NS-01000 1 g $ 4,485.91
    Structures of nonactin and the macrotetrolides

We can provide examples of QC data upon request. For repeat customers we can prepare single lots of over 20 g of material that we can store for you and release as needed. For more information or a quotation please contact